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We stock a wide range of tyres for cars, vans and 4x4s to suit your driving needs and budget.


Tyre Brands

We stock a wide range of value tyres from the main manufacturers for whatever make or model vehicle that you drive.  Our tyres are available to suit all budgets to ensure that you find the right tyre at the right price.

At Hillcroft, we stock a wide selection of premium tyres from the world’s top tyre manufacturers. The reason for this is that we believe premium tyres provide many benefits including improved safety and performance that make the small additional cost worthwhile.


For more information on the individual performance properties of a tyre, please ask one of our qualified mechanics.

Care Tire

Tyre Puncture Repair Service at Hillcroft

Repairing a punctured tyre

Before every puncture repair, we check for secondary damage including deformed bead wires, rubber or tread separations, deterioration caused by grease or corrosive fluid (or age), marking of the interior rubber and any checks for all other signs of excessive wear to ensure that a safe puncture repair can be carried out.

A puncture is no match of our experts as they ensure that every puncture repair is carried out to the British Standard BS159. The British Standard set the requirements for tyre punctures and repairs and have strict rules which much be adhered to.

Wheel Balancing Service at Hillcroft

While often forgotten about, wheel balancing is a valuable service that is necessary for the consistent performance and efficiency of your car. There are a number of things that can cause a car’s wheels to lose balance, with lost wheel weights caused by sudden impacts or damaged suspension components being among the most common reasons

Hillcroft recommends having your wheels checked or balanced every 10,000 miles or after suffering an impact from a kerb or pothole. We use the latest technology to ensure wheels are balanced as accurately as possible to the nearest gram.

We make sure every new tyre bought at Hillcroft is balanced properly before you leave.


What is wheel balancing?


It is important to keep your wheels correctly balanced as the incorrect balancing of your vehicle wheels will greatly reduce your fuel economy due to tyre rolling resistance. Not only will correctly balanced wheels save you considerably on your fuel economy, but also on your carbon emissions.

This is done by counter-balancing the weight bias of each wheel. This means that if one part of a wheel has additional weight on it, the same amount of weight is applied to the other side of the wheel to keep it evenly balanced.

Symptoms of imbalanced wheels

An imbalanced wheel can cause a number of changes to your car’s characteristics, most of which are easy to spot. These changes can include:

  • Increased wear to suspension components & tyres

  • Vibration through the steering wheel (most commonly at motorway speeds)

  • Increased fuel consumption

  • Reduced ride comfort

  • Increased braking distance

  • Changes to steering sensitivity